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Modern life has everyone on the go and mobile devices are a constant companion. The mobile audience is not only moving, it's growing. Websites need to meet the needs of an ever changing and demanding audience. Every website Devlin builds includes elements of mobile design and compatibility, giving our clients a jump start into the mobile web.

Mobile solutions, by their very nature, must be accessible to the widest possible audience.  We build mobile sites and solutions that both leverage and integrate with existing sites.  We design mobile solutions which use the same content management tools currently used, minimizing the rework and double entry, often needed to keep multiple platforms up-to-date.   We know how to navigate the complicated landscape of mobile devices, designing and testing for multiple models of smart phones and tablets.


Devlin delivers native and web-based Apps for modern smartphones and tablet platforms. Like all our services, our Apps are designed to leverage existing infrastructure and content, simplifying maintenance and keeping App content fresh and up-to-date. With new platforms rising (and falling) faster than the market can evolve, our focus is on cross-platform capabilities which allow organizations to leverage web standard technologies. This serves the dual purpose of both extending an organization's reach and protecting their App investments against the changing tides of the tech landscape.

We recently enabled a mobile version of the TTC website. Our focus was to make it work across as many devices as possible including tablets, smartphones and traditional mobile handsets.

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