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Quality Assurance (QA)

Devlin provides QA for websites in order to deliver a product of higher quality.

Quality Assurance consists of a number of activities and tests which run the end product through expected user behaviour.  Devlin’s agile based testing helps customers reduce costs and significantly shortens delivery schedules, resulting in faster time-to-market to maximize ROI.

Devlin's process ensures that the final website flows intuitively and works in the intended manner with the expected functionality.  We thoroughly test every product, report issues, and fix them before delivery.

Devlin’s QA Service Offerings includes  

  • Detailed Test Strategy and Test Plan before the Development Phase
  • Automation/Manual testing according to the requirements
  • Test Report documentation after Testing Phase
  • Bug fixes and verification during testing and maintenance
  • Usability Lab for customer convenience
Flow chart containing Quality Assurance activities
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