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Social Media

Depending on your customers and the nature of your business, social media can be an effective part of your marketing and communications mix. 

Devlin Digital offers four social media services:

1) Social media planning

2) Social media monitoring

3) Community management

4) Social media marketing

Social Media Planning

Who should "own" social media in your organization? This is a contentious and divisive subject in many organizations, where the marketing department and the communications department struggle for sole control of an organization's outreach efforts in social media networks, particularly Facebook and Twitter. Other organizations struggle with whether to include social media as part of the customer service process, while others outsource large components of the social media engagement responsibilities. 

Different structural models exist: social media can be managed exclusively and be controlled by a single functional group within an organization, or it can be a hub-and-spoke model where a central multi-department command centre oversees an organization-wide social media engagement plan, or it can be anything in between.

Devlin Digital can help you define an appropriate structure by identifying your organization's goals for using social media. Depending on those goals, a business can create different organizational structures to integrate social media into their marketing and communications took kit.

Social Media Monitoring

Ongoing social media monitoring can give your organization advance insight into consumer and/or industry sentiments about a brand. Whether you choose to engage with the conversations in social, it's important to be aware of what's being said about your brand, your organization, or even your organization's employees. We can monitor for volume, topic and sentiment.


If your goal is to increase your online presence, social media monitoring offers a performance report of your efforts.

Topic and Sentiment

Topic analysis offers you insights into the issues surrounding the conversations about your brand, while sentiment analysis offers you insight into your brand's perception online.

Topic analysis can support an organization's communications department in proactively managing comments and issues before they develop into crises. Topic analysis is also effective for identifying potential customer advocates as well as opportunities for engagement.

These monitoring reports can be set up as weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports to offer topic and sentiment analysis. Annual trend analysis offers insights in the longer-term trajectory of sentiments around your brand as well as key topics for engagement.

Community Management

Creating a social media presence is only half the story. To be successful, communities need to be nurtured and proactively managed to ward against trolls and other undesirable entities that may undermine your social media presence.

Devlin Digital offers community management services to seed the initial conversations and nurture them. And if conversations get heated, your Devlin Digital community manager will be on hand to identify topics that may potentially become issues and proactively manage the conversation.

Social Media Marketing

If you're a B2C business, your potential customers are likely on Facebook and/or Twitter. While your fans or followers can help to propagate your message organically through their own engagement with your Facebook and Twitter outreach efforts, marketing and advertising campaigns on these platforms create awareness among potential customers.

Devlin Digital can help you match your business goals with targeted social media marketing and advertising campaigns. These campaigns can be a combination or campaign specific Facebook tabs as well as ads, with a combination of promoted Twitter products (Tweets, Trends, Accounts).

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