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A website or application must be designed to perform, and that performance needs to be tracked. In other words, the return on investment (ROI) needs to be tracked, quantified, and evaluated.

At Devlin Digital, analytics is part of the planning, design and development process. During requirements gathering, our goal is to ensure that we know how success should be defined and the website or application will be designed and developed to deliver against those success measures.

Defining the success of a website or application needs to go beyond simple page views and time spent. At Devlin Digital, we focus on the actionable. What do we want the users of a website or application to do? How efficiently do they expect to be able to accomplish their tasks? Is the goal of a website to drive users to call a sales representative as soon as possible of is it to engage users with its content for as long as possible. These and many other questions form the basis for a list of analytics metrics that will determine what type of analytics will be applied to a website or application's code.

For most organizations, the free Google Analytics tool provides more than enough data and insights. Some, however, require the more in-depth and customizable features offered by paid services such as Webtrends, SiteCatalyst (previously Omniture) and others.

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