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Sing All of UsSing All of Us

Sing All of Us

'O Canada' belongs to ALL OF US!

In 2013 a group of patriotic Canadians joined forces to compel other Canadians to sing ‘O Canada’ with original words and the original intention of including all Canadians.

When Judge R Stanley Weir wrote the original English lyrics in 1908, he was inclusive in his terminology. He originally wrote the words “thou dost in us command” in the third line. He revised that phrase in 1913 to “in all thy sons command”.

A campaign to revert back to the inclusive language “us” resonated strongly with Devlin Digital. We were extremely pleased to revitalize the campaign and devise a digital platform for Canadians to share their views and indeed their renditions of ‘O Canada’. See the splendid efforts under Anthem Videos, in fact why not send us your rendition?


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