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MAC + Devlin = Online Sales Revolution

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  • 2000 WMA Standard of Excellence

Devlin Digital is proud to be a groundbreaking Studio; this is how we did it in 1998.

Devlin put MAC cosmetics on the worldwide digital map with a fabulous new site complete with an ‘ahead of its time’ e-commerce capability.

In our strategy work for the site, Devlin masterminds conceived the idea of selling a suite of products, a recommended combination of complementary cosmetics, rather than selling single products, online. This had never been done before.

In addition to creating a groundbreaking e-commerce facility, this ‘suite’ Devlin idea changed the retail landscape, both online and in stores for MAC. Customers flocked to the idea of buying a suite of complementary cosmetics. A significant increase in sales volume was the inevitable result. Many retailers in many sectors followed suit.

This project proved beyond an eyeshadow of a doubt that Devlin in-house strategy sessions, devised to perfect a digital presence are extremely valuable, far-reaching and focused on our client’s business goals.

In 2000, MAC won the WMA Standard of Excellence award.

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