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  • 2002 International Web Page Creative Excellence
  • 2002 WMA Best Movie Website
  • 2002 WMA Standard of Excellence

IMAX, in cooperation with NASCAR, Warner Brothers and AOL, required a high impact website to help drive the marketing and publicity  campaign for their film, NASCAR 3D.

Developed in Macromedia Flash (in 2002 - this was the technology to use - we wouldn't build in Flash today) to enhance the user experience. The site's graphic interface, strong imagery, movie trailer and audio elements effectively communicate the film's "in the driver's seat" selling point to a massive audience of NASCAR fans and casual viewers.

While Flash was a brilliant tool in its era, the advent of tablets and smartphones and the proliferation of Apple have pretty much killed its usefulness. Technology moved on, so did Devlin. Today, we employ different techniques, amongst them, HTML-5 to create the desired effect.

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