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FedEx, is the world's largest express transportation and global logistics services company. Since 1997, Devlin has been the proverbial 'right hand' to FedEx and has produced ever more reliable and efficient solutions. These include website maintenance, flash media, banner campaigns, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing.

Through implementing front-end and back-end assets (provided by various vendors as well as Devlin), and using a custom CMS tool to create and manage website templates, Devlin's expertise has allowed FedEx to remain Canada's top shipping solution.  Devlin has also supported the overall back-end administration of  a variety of inspired promotions, marketing campaigns, quarterly contests and games - all of which contributes to keeping FedEx at the top of its game.

Devlin also provides hosting services, site metrics, online analytics, project management, and representation between FedEx and various third-party vendors. Our relationship with FedEx is a true partnership. Like FedEx, Devlin delivers on time.

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