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Rebuilt and Reborn:


  • 2011 Retail Council of Canada, e-Retailing Award

After a twenty five year hiatus from intensive marketing, Black's wanted to introduce the Black's brand to a whole new cross-section of Canadians. Devlin repurposed, redesigned and rebuilt the Black's website. It was a massive undertaking, creative, strategic, multi-faceted and technical.

Devlin also handled the production of the campaign, selecting key partners to film and photograph four television spots and four print runs. This resulted in the first-ever integrated Black's marketing campaign of the 21st century.

We wanted to create a 'destination', a place to go and learn, not just a place to shop. With these goals in mind, we designed the site around the concept of a 'digital river' - a stream of life events flowing through the page, taking the user naturally from one functional pillar to the next: from photo upload and organization to creation, customization and then output and sharing.

The results were clear: through the launch period and the ever critical Christmas season 2010, the website drew 30% more visitors than in the previous year. Content consumption increased 80% and the bounce rate (how frequently customers arrive and leave a site immediately) was reduced by over 30%.

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