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  • 2001 WMA Award

In 2001, Devlin devised an award winning web-enabled application to provide BASF automotive refinishing customers to manage their business more effectively. 

BASF was far-sighted in meeting its customer needs. So too was Devlin, in solving their business problem. We listened. We learned. We understood their business and what they wanted to accomplish.

Not only did Devlin create this extremely useful business tool, we created interactive tutorials to help BASF communicate to their customers in the most effective way: a full-on tutorial in the customers' native language.  

The tutorials included detailed visual and voice-over instruction on everything from mixing paint, costing jobs to managing inventory and creating reports.  BASF distributed this app to automotive refinishing customers worldwide.

If you have a unique business problem, Devlin will use the latest technologies, and full extent of imaginations to solve your problem. We have done it before. We will do it again. We will do it for you.

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